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Children Art Season

This is being done to promote the liking and awareness of  art among children and also to showcase the talents of child artists. We sincerely hope this feature will help increase children's interest and curiosity regarding art and give the much needed impetus to their creativity and serve as a tool to pursue their careers in the field of art. 

This feature, is being launched especially to encourage children to observe the world and express themselves and more importantly, engage in indoor activities, considering the current pandemic situation. 

This feature, we are sure will be liked by children and their parents and teachers too !!

Submit Your Works on:  artaffairs.children@gmail.com

Specifications: Artist Photo |  4 works | School Name  |  Std.

One paragraph About the Artist  |  Contact Number of parents 

Entry Fee: Rs. 150/- only

Display  : 15th June to 31st July

More details Contact: 7996600777